Saturday, August 22, 2009


I love Gin, though many I know seem to detest it. For those, I have created the Alabaster; a drink we all can enjoy. It's sweetness is in the front, yet not overwhelming, while the Gin's complexity lingers in the background for any who wishes to enjoy it. It's surprisingly refreshing for a cocktail containing 1/3 syrup and tends to be knocked back rather quickly. That said, remember Gin often has a higher alcohol content than other types of alcohol; be a good bartender and give your guests the heads up. The key is the gin chosen and the time taken in the stirring process. Experiment to make it your own, or see my notes for suggestions.

Created: June 2008

Served: Up

Gin 2 oz.
Lychee syrup 1 oz.

Garnish: Lychee

Vigorously stir Gin and Lychee Syrup with ice; one should allow for some, but minimal, melting. Serve up with garnish.

I used Hendrick's Gin for this cocktail, but I would also use New Amsterdam Gin--both are slightly sweeter than other Gins I tend to use.
Something many do not think about is ice, yes, Ice. If possible use large cubes of ice. Try to stay away from that round ice with the holes in it. Under no circumstance should one use crushed ice.
Many have not had fresh lychees in The States, so until they catch on I don't see any problem with using canned pitted lychees in syrup. It will saves a lot of prep time and one doesn't have to make syrup.
For a less sweet version I add 1 to 2 drops of lemon or lime juice after garnishing.

This drink was named for it's cloudy white color by my then partner.

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